When selecting a floor for your sunroom, you should first consider the main purpose of the sunroom?  The function of the sunroom will affect what types of floors will work best.  Will you use the sunroom for dining and entertaining?  Or perhaps you want to use the room to just relax in comfort.  The floor should also complement the design of the room.  Ultimately the choice is yours.

Here are the 6 Most Popular Sunroom Floors:



Carpeting is a very good choice for the flooring of your sunroom. Carpet is multi functional, low maintenance and can easily be changed in the future if desired.  Carpeting gives a soft cozy feeling, and is also a good choice for dampening sound in an open room.  There are many choices of color, style and type to fit almost any desired look or feel.

Wood Laminate

Choosing wood laminate for your sunroom can give the warm look of hardwood floors at a much lower cost and less maintenance. You can also add area rugs to go along with the laminate and decorate the room.  Wood laminate comes in several different color looks, grains and styles. You can choose the color which best suits your taste and decor.

Ceramic Tile 

Ceramic tile as a flooring option gives your sunroom that vacation type of look, yet is very “classy”.  Ceramic tile is also low maintenance, but can be difficult to change in the future if needed.  Some homeowners add an "under the tile", thermostatically controlled heating option.  In Northern climates, this is becoming a popular option because on some of the fall and winter days that warm floor feels so good to the touch and can add some great supplemental heat (remember heat rises).

Vinyl Laminate 

Sunroom Floor Vinyl Flooring in a Sunroom

This flooring option gives the look of “real” tile, yet is somewhat less expensive than tile, very easy to install and maintain.  There are many different types of vinyl available including vinyl that has replicated the look and feel of "real tile", "stone" and "real wood".   The price of vinyl laminate can increase with the better materials (better backing, more resistant to wear and tear, etc.).   For the DIY-er, there are even vinyl tiles that simply stick to the floor.  The traditional sheet tile can be a little tricky if you have not used it previously because it comes in a giant sheet and needs to be cut to an exact fit.  The leading vinyl flooring manufacturers in the USA are Armstrong, Mannington, IVC (Dreamscape), Congoleum and Tarkett.


Stamped Concrete 

Stamped and colored concrete is an option some choose to give their sunroom that “patio” look.  You can have it stamped as flag stone, pavers, brick or even custom decorative patterns. The choice is yours.  Depending on the type of sunroom, you may need to have the sunroom wall system seal to a non-stamped section of concrete to properly seal to the foundation.

Simply add a few plants, or small trees indoors for that outside look and feel inside your all glass sunroom.

Stone or Epoxy Flooring 

Similar to stamped concrete, this option using products such as (Nature Stone or Everstone), you can achieve that outdoor look with very low maintenance.  The stone epoxy floor is typically installed using a hand trowel and the end result is a floor that is slip resistant, durable and long lasting.  The floor is designed to allow water to penetrate without "puddling" as water would on concrete.  This natural stone look can be enhanced with area rugs, plants and other decorative items for your room decor.

For more ideas and options, visit FloorFacts, an educational flooring resource website.