Spring has arrived and it feels good to get outside without battling the elements of winter.  Now is the time to think about doing some simple Spring maintenance around your home.  Taking a look at your windows, doors, gutters, siding, deck and sunroom is a great place to start.  Getting into the routine of inspecting and making small repairs on a regular basis will help increase the life of your home and help avoid those large costly home repairs. 


Inspect the caulking around your window frame and where the window meets the frame, replace if necessary.  Keeping your home air tight will help lower your energy bill, either keeping the cold air out in the winter or the warm air out in the summer.  Inspect your window screens for splits or holes, repair if necessary.  You will also want to check to make sure your windows are operating smoothly and the locks are functioning properly.  Now is also a great time to give the screens and windows a good cleaning.


Inspect and replace if necessary the caulking around your door frames.  Lubricate the keyholes according to manufactures instructions.  If you have a patio door, you will want to also inspect and replace the caulking around the frame.  Clean away any debris from the track and make sure the door is operating smoothly.


Check for any loose or leaking gutters.  Poor drainage can lead to water in your basement or crawl space.  Make sure your downspouts are free of any debris or blockage and they are draining away from the foundation of your home.  It is best to have the downspout drain at least 5 feet away from the foundation.


Walk around you home and inspect your siding for cracks or damage.  One of the biggest threats to siding is the wind.  Wind can catch seams or cracked boards and tear the siding off of your home leaving your home exposed to the elements.  You may also want to consider cleaning your siding according to manufacturer’s instructions at this time of year.

Decks/Concrete Patios

Clean away any debris off of your deck or patio, you may even want to consider power washing.  If you have a deck, check for loose railings, boards or steps and repair or replace if necessary.  Wooden decks may need to be stained and/or coated on a yearly basis depending on your regions climate.  Concrete patios need to be check for any cracks and repaired as needed.


Inspect and replace caulking around all doors and windows.  Inspect the screens for tears or holes, repair if necessary.  Clean both the windows and screens.  Check to make sure all windows and doors are operating smoothly.  Lubricate door key holes according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Spring is a great time to keep up with your home, inspecting and repairing things around the house.  After you’re done with your Spring chores, it’s a great time to start getting ready for summer!  Plant some flowers, get out the grill and make some lemonade! 

Photo Credit:  Suat Eman