Replacement windows

It doesn’t take much to change your home décor along with the seasons. Simple things like changing pillows or placemats to window treatments, which are an easy change to make, will add the influences of the current season. It is often these small but impactful changes that keep our homes feeling cozy and updated. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways to use the elements of autumn to change our window treatments.


Using the autumn color palette of warm color tones is one way to integrate the season. Think of colors like apples, turning leaves and pumpkins, natural organic colors. Utilize this color scheme in various amounts from changing your tie backs to full blown full length panels. Your current décor will dictate the amount of seasonal color your room can handle without it becoming overwhelming. If you have a pastel room a little bit of a deep color can make a big accent.


There are textural elements of fall that can be incorporated into your windows treatments primarily through the use of fabric.
Fall makes us think of everything from suede to burlap, generally a heavier fabric that the airy breezy summer sheers. You can also gain the textural feeling from a cotton fabric with a pattern on it, so it looks heavier but actually isn’t. Fabrics have come a long way and there are many beautiful choices to choose from in many different types of fabric.


Utilizing dimensional objects to enhance your already existing window treatments is a fun option. Craft and floral shops have a wide array of items that you can use to create an Autumnal feel. Again, this can be done in small accents like putting a wooden apple on your tie back to using a garland strand of leaves across the top of your valances. Today’s market of floral and craft products come in both traditional and nontraditional coloring, so you are sure to find something to fit your décor.

Changing and updating window treatments can change the feeling of any room. However you decide to bring the Fall season into your home, make sure you’re having fun.

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