Many people tend to think of walk-in tubs as being something only for senior citizens. However, they are not just for older adults, as a number of other people can benefit from them as well. Here are some groups of people that would greatly appreciate a walk-in bathtub.


The risk of falling in a bathtub is just as great for very small children as it is senior citizens with limited mobility. In fact, children may be even more prone to falling.  Because of their tendencies to climb and jump, slipping is greater. A walk-in bath tub reduces the risk of children falling, making it ideal for kids who are just starting to bathe themselves. Parents will also find it easier to keep their eye on kids when bathing more than one child at the same time.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women often wish to soak their aching feet and backs in a warm bathtub. This becomes more difficult to do as time goes on due to their ever-increasing belly. Expectant mothers will greatly appreciate the ability to walk into a bathtub, without the fear of falling and risking a injury. It can make the postpartum period easier to deal with because there is a reduced risk of pulling stitches.

Those Recovering from an Injury

Injuries can happen to people at any age, severely impeding their mobility. Anyone who has recently suffered an injury can benefit from not having to struggle getting in and out of a traditional bathtub. The risk of re-injuring certain body parts can be eliminated, while allowing people to enjoy the soothing effects of a warm bath to help in their healing.

People with Artificial Joints

A joint replacement could happen at any age due to disease or injury. Joint replacement surgery could greatly affect one’s ability to lift the leg, especially if it involves the knees or ankles. This can leave people feeling frustrated because they are no longer able to do things they once enjoyed. A walk-in bathtub can relieve this frustration and help people feel better about themselves again.


Those who regularly use their home to care for others could benefit from having a walk-in tub installed, since they never know when they might need to care for someone who cannot get safely in and out of a regular bathtub. Having a walk-in bathtub can also reduce liability because there is a reduced risk of another person being injured on the property.

Anyone Wanting an At-Home Spa

Walk-in bathtubs are ideal for at-home spa treatments, because people can sit down and unwind with a good book while waiting for the tub to fill. They can then enjoy a soothing soak, pedicure or facial, all in the relaxing comfort of their walk-in bathtub. Enjoying spa treatments is even easier when the walk-in tub contains pulsating jets.

People Aging in Place

Perhaps no one in the family has limited mobility yet, but there is a possibility someone will in the future. If there are adults nearing retirement age who plan to stay in their home as long as possible, these individuals would do well to consider a walk-in tub right now. That way, they won’t be scrambling to have one installed should the time ever come when they do need it.

As you can see, quite a few different groups aside from senior citizens can benefit from having a walk-in bathtub. In fact, they are ideal for nearly any member of the family, regardless of age. Walk-in bathtubs are a great investment that can also increase the value of any home by making it marketable to a larger group of people.