Creating a spa inspired decor for your sunroom is a fairly simple process.  Your sunroom already by design brings the outdoors inside, which is one of the main components in a spa inspired design.  So adding a few supportive design elements throughout your room will transform your room into a spa that will calm the mind and rejuvenate the body.  Creating an environment that is relaxing is certainly subject to personal tastes so pick and choose the elements that best suit your style.  Here are 10 design elements to consider bringing into your spa inspired sunroom.


Earth Colors The use of earth colors throughout your room – forest green, auburns or warm browns for example – will give the room a feeling of warmth and comfort.  A sunroom is generally comprised of 3 of the 4 walls being glass, so the use of color on a wall will be minimal.  Color can be showcased in the furnishings, flooring and accessories. Wood Warm rich woods are indicative of a spa.  From blonde tawny neutrals to deep brown mahogany, there are many choices to suit your taste.  Keeping the style of furnishing clean and simple and the finish in either a satin or matte finish will enhance the spa setting. Lighting Set the mood with the right lighting. Keep it simple; add accent lights around the room to create a balance of indirect relaxed lighting.  For additional depth, consider adding dimmers to create the relaxed environment at any time. Back lighting plants and the addition of candles can create a sophisticated spa atmosphere. Stone Bringing in natural elements is a key to putting together the spa environment.  Stone can be brought into the room as flooring, table top accents or even as a wall covering.  As well, stone comes in such a wide range of color, you’re sure to find something to suit your design. Natural Woven Elements Generally, when we think of spa décor, there is an element of organic woven material within the room.  Naturally woven elements can be brought into the room through a variety of form.  Pillows, window treatments, furnishings, wall treatments and woven rugs are good options to consider for this element. Hot Tub in Sunroom Glass Glass adds a bit of sparkle to the room without being overt.  Certainly in a sunroom you already have a lot of glass going on, but in the form of windows.  Think about glass as an accent for the light to bounce off of, a reflective property.  A glass vase or bowl or pretty glass lanterns placed around the room. Water The sound of trickling water or the waves crashing on the shore is soothing and relaxing.  From a sound machine of waves crashing ashore to a mounted wall water feature, there are definitely a wide variety of water and waterless features to choose from. Nature Themed Artwork Often times we think of artwork as pictures hanging on the wall.  Artwork can be anything from a sculpture to a mural.  Place around your room nature inspired pieces, from painted rocks to photos of nature.  With a sunroom, there is one wall to work with so utilize that wall to showcase your best piece. Plants Plants help to soften the edges of your sunroom.  With a spa inspired décor consider either tropical plants or plants from the cacti family.  When choosing plants from either family, try to choose plants of a variety of sizes and color for interest.  Also, adding back lighting to plants create a relaxing ambience. Hot Tub For the ultimate accessory in creating a spa in your sunroom, add a hot tub.  For hours of relaxation and fun a hot tub will be the focus of your spa inspired sunroom.  If your sunroom is already built, make sure to get a hot tub that will fit within the room. There is no right or wrong way to create a spa inspired sunroom in your year round sunroom.  Whichever elements you choose to create a calm and relaxing sunroom, make sure they are reflective of you and your family and you’ll be on the right track for you.