When planning for new windows, many homeowners fail to consider adding bay windows because they are unaware of the numerous benefits they provide. If you’re considering new windows, here are a few benefits of bay windows that could make them an excellent choice for you.

Makes Rooms Appear Larger

Bay windows make rooms appear larger than they actually are, because they allow light to enter from three different angles. They also protrude slightly from the exterior wall, visually increasing the amount of space that’s available. This makes them the perfect choice for a foyer, breakfast nook, utility room or home office. You can even install a bay window at the end of a long, narrow hallway to help bring in light and make it appear wider than it is.

Allow for a Better View

Bay windows allow for panoramic views, since they contain panes of glass on three sides. This makes them ideal for people who want to enjoy the natural view around them. They are especially nice additions for second-story rooms, and can also be used to enclose a walkout balcony for year-round use.

Doesn’t Compromise Privacy

While bay windows allow you to enjoy a great view, they also give you a great deal of privacy. Cover each window with a separate blind so you can raise or lower them as needed to prevent others from seeing in. You can also use draperies with tieback panels to perform the same function. Many people elect to tint the side windows to limit the amount of glass that others can see through.

Creates Functional Space

Bay windows are very functional, and can be used in different ways. For example, you could add a bench to them and create additional seating. You could even create a reading nook, or use it as a makeshift greenhouse to grow herbs, vegetables or flowers in. The number of uses for your window will depend on its size and the general configuration of the room it is placed in.

Provides Additional Storage

Regular windows do not provide you with storage space; however, that’s not the case with bay windows. The area beneath the bench could contain shelves or drawers that would be useful for storing things. In a child’s room, the top of the bench could lift up to hold toys or extra blankets. When placed in a foyer, the bench could contain cubbies for holding shoes, backpacks, etc. to make getting ready for school or work a breeze.

Adds Curb Appeal

Homes with bay windows tend to stand out from others in the same area. People tend to find bay windows attractive, and are therefore drawn to homes that contain them. Adding a bay window can give an otherwise very plain-looking home visual interest, making it more appealing to potential buyers. These windows look nice on any style home, and also go well with any type of siding.

Improves Air Flow

If opening the window to let in fresh air is something you enjoy doing, you’ll appreciate the fact that bay windows allow for good air flow. They permit more air to come in than traditional windows do, helping keep you cooler in the summer. It’s also easy to adjust the amount of air coming in simply by raising or lowering any of the individual windows.

In addition to these benefits, bay windows are also very energy efficient and easy to maintain. They cost only slightly more than other windows, but add a great deal more value to your home. To receive a free in-home estimate, call us here at Joyce Factory Direct to schedule a consultation.