When it's time to remodel a home, it's important to include what type of new replacement windows you'd like in the project. They'll ensure that the job looks complete, improve efficiency, and can add a lot of flair to the end result. There are many options to choose from, so there's no need to worry about whether they'll look right or provide the needed functionality. Here are some of the most popular types of replacement windows available today:


Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows offer the most flexibility when it comes to options for opening them. Each sash, or window section, can be opened and adjusted to the desired position. With most window sizes, this means that all of the glass can be cleaned from inside the house. It also allows the outside air to be more precisely directed when the windows are opened for ventilation.

Most double hung windows are actually made from two big panes of glass, but a variety of decorative options allows people to get them in styles that look as if several smaller panes have been used. Which is best depends on the overall architectural style of the house and the visual effect the windows are intended to produce.


Bay and Bow Windows

Both of these styles involve windows that aren't flat, but instead stick out from the house. This is accomplished by using units that appear to be made of several frames and setting them each at an angle from each other. Bay windows have a fairly precise definition: They always use three frames. If there are more frames, but they're arranged in the same general way, it's a bow window.

There are other differences between these two styles. Bay windows usually have a larger picture window in the center frame and smaller ones to the sides. They also have flat frames, so the overall effect is more angular. Bow windows usually use windows of equal sizes and curved frames. This gives the house a softer appearance. Choose the look that fits best with the rest of the house's architecture.


Sliding Windows

White Sliding Window With Grids In NurseryThese are great, highly functional sliding windows that have many hidden practical uses. They open by sliding to the side, and they come in both single hung and double hung versions. Their appearance is usually best for modern homes thanks to a tendency for simple lines and large, plain panes of glass. From a practical standpoint, they can do more than allow air into the house. Their ability to open wide makes it so that they're also good portals for bringing in furniture and other items that would be hard to get through the door.


Garden Windows

Garden windows are great for people who love to grow herbs or who want to garden all year despite seasons of bad weather. They stick out from the house and provide a boxy area with glass on all of the enclosed sides. A shelf leaves room for a row of small plants. This greenhouse-like area is perfect for growing. The only thing to keep in mind is that wet pots will rot wooden shelves that are finished in the usual coatings. Use high-gloss polyurethane for good water resistance.


Casement Windows

Casement windows are usually rectangular, and the number of framing options makes it possible to find some that look right in all but the most ultra-modern houses. The main benefit, however, is the fact that they can be opened completely. They have a single pane of glass that swings open to the left or right, so full ventilation is easy to obtain.


When chosen carefully, new types of replacement windows will enhance the results of your exterior remodeling project better than almost anything else. They'll also provide extra benefits inside the home ranging from improved insulation to new space for sitting or growing plants. Visit your local window store today and check out the possibilities. You may be shocked at what a difference the latest styles will make!


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