New home buyers care most about two rooms in the house, the kitchen and the bathroom. When house shopping, people are concerned with an updated look and a large space. Blue and pink bathtubs are out. Walk in showers and walk in bathtubs are in demand.

What many people may not have investigated are the dangers lurking in home bathroom facilities especially to the aging. Every year, more than 200,000 people visit the emergency room due to falls in the smallest room in the house. Most falls occur while stepping out of the tub or shower. Injuries increase with age, but even people in the 15-24 age category experience falls and injury.

An article appearing in the New York Times a few years ago cites the following statistics:

  • Of the approximate 235,000 people over age 15 who visit the emergency room each year due to an injury that occurred as a results of a fall in the bathroom 14% are hospitalized
  • Over two-thirds of the injuries resulting in a visit to the emergency room are suffered getting into or out of the shower or bath
  • More falls are a result of exiting the shower or bath than entering
  • The risk for women suffering an injury in the bathroom was 72 percent higher than for men

Mold is a second danger found in many showers because of the warm, moist environment that enhances mold growth.

There are several types of mold that might be found in your home:

  • Cladosporium
  • Penicillium
  • Alternaria
  • Aspergillus
  • Stachybotrys chartarum (often referred to as black mold)

The assault on health comes when the mold spores are air born and breathed in. Air born spores are so small they cannot be seen. Health hazards include but are not limited to the allergic reactions such as watery, itchy eyes, coughing and wheezing and runny nose. The fight against mold growing in the shower stall is endless. It seems one day it has been removed with chemicals and muscle power and the next day it returns.

Steps you can take now to reduced the growth of mold in your bathrooms:

  • Open a window to allow air to circulate
  • Use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture in the air
  • Don't leave shampoo bottles and loofahs in small pools of water where mold spores will multiply
  • Turn on the exhaust fan during and after taking a shower
  • Clean and dust your bathroom at least once a week
  • Remove and repair all sources of water leaks

Joyce Factory Direct is aware of the importance of the kitchen and bathrooms when selling or buying a home. We are also aware of the health hazards lurking in bathrooms in need of a bathroom remodel from tubs to walk in showers or walk in bath tubs.   Our walk in bath tubs and walk in showers are constructed of mold resistant materials that are easy to maintain. They are the thickest acrylic tub sheet in the industry and will not crack, chip or peel.    

We have a wide selection of patterns and colors designed with superior strength and beauty. Our work is professionally installed and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Give us a call for your free estimate. Whether you have concerns about aging parents and falls, mold growth and challenges or you are thinking of updating the look and style of your bathroom we have what you are searching for. Let our professionals help you make the decisions that will benefit your home and family for years to come.