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General Questions

Yes. Joyce manufactures and installs our products on both commercial and residential properties.

Our customers are the heart of our business and we reward them for referring us to their family, friends and neighbors. Our referral program starts at $50 - $250 depending upon the referral product/purchase and doubles to $100 - $500 for each subsequent referral.

Windows FAQ's

Yes, we do. We are Cleveland’s only Sunroom & Window Manufacturer. We manufacture our windows in our state-of-the-art factory in Berea (southwest of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport).

Being a manufacturer, we also distribute to a nationwide dealer network (comprised of remodelers, contractors and builders), but we also sell and install our windows directly to homeowners in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

Our windows are some of the best in the industry. They have been tested by third party independent testing companies and routinely outperform the competition.

We offer multiple window lines with a variety of options and features. As a manufacturer, we are known for our high quality products and excellent service in the industry.

We offer a variety of window styles and prices to fit virtually any budget. Our customers have found our windows to be very competitively priced and consistently a great value for their investment.

Vinyl and wood are both good materials. They both insulate well, but vinyl is a better choice for a high performance window. Many wood windows are just standard sizes and then the opening is made to fit the window. Our vinyl windows are custom made for a superior fit and seal within the existing opening. Vinyl will also not rot or swell when subject to the elements.

Our windows are available with three different wood grain interiors – they look just like wood, without the maintenance. No more sanding, painting or staining ever again!

Summer or winter, if you need windows, the best time is now. Joyce manufacturers and installs windows and doors all year round. During extreme temperatures (hot or cold), our installers will work to only have one or two openings exposed at one time to prevent as much heat (or cold air) loss as possible. Any energy (hot or cold air) loss is typically made up for in a day or two with your newly installed windows.

Certainly. Many times homeowners prefer to do windows in segments or as part of other home improvement projects. When it comes to installing windows, Joyce will work with you to make sure your schedule of new windows comes at your direction. We also offer financing to assist in larger projects. Call us today to learn more about the Joyce financing and payment options.

Start to finish, the average project takes 4-6 weeks. This is subject to change during peak season and with certain products that are subject to special manufacturing processes. Once the windows are at your home, most projects are completed in a day or two.

You will not believe how easy we make it. It really comes down to 3 easy steps:

  1. An Joyce design consultant will visit your home to give you an exact project quote (free of charge).
  2. After you sign your purchase order, an Joyce professional installer will remeasure every opening (so you can be sure to get a perfect fit).
  3. Your windows will be installed by Joyce professionals and you’ll start saving on those energy bills.

According to Qualified Remodeling Magazine, the national average return on investment for replacement windows is 74%. Not bad, considering you will be saving on your energy bills too! 

Call us today to learn more

No problem. You can easily change the appearance of your home by selecting a different style than what is currently in your home. For example, you may opt to replace an old picture window with a new bay window for a totally different look. In many cases, we can even change out doors for windows or windows for doors.

Sunrooms FAQ's

Maybe. Depending on your deck and your local code requirements, we may be able to use it or upgrade it to meet your local building codes. Many existing decks are not built to carry the additional weight of an entire room in addition to the potential ice and snow load during the winter months. An Joyce representative will work with you to find the best solution for your project.

A sunroom is a room comprised mostly of glass. It is typically heated and cooled on demand and considered a patio or “sunroom” in the building code. A sunroom is typically not subject to all of the code requirements that a conditioned livable and habitable space would be (i.e. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Overall, a sunroom is typically only a portion of the cost of a room addition of the same size. And, a sunroom is meant to typically be different from the rest of the house. It is a room that you can enjoy the outdoors…indoors. A sunroom instantly becomes the favorite room in the house.

Absolutely. Our sunroom wall system is very versatile and is used in a variety of applications. Click here to learn more about our patio and deck enclosures.

A sunroom has been known to return most, if not all, of its investment price. In addition, a sunroom helps sell a home faster; it’s a desirable amenity and a feature that’s commonly listed in most real estate listings. More, a sunroom provides constant daily enjoyment for the entire family (something that you can’t say about most investments besides your house).

It is important to invest in a sunroom that has a lifetime transferable warranty. The fact that the warranty transfers for the next homeowner’s lifetime is a huge selling point if you decide to sell your home in the future.

LoE3 (pronounced Low E Cubed) is the latest technology in high performance glass. It delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. It actually has an unprecedented three layers of silver (most other high performance glass only has 2 layers). This glass will provide the ultimate fade protection. It blocks 95% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays – your carpet, furniture and curtains will stay beautiful for years.

The actual construction of the sunroom only takes a couple days on average. The entire project with engineering, permitting, preparation work, sunroom construction and/or electrical (if applicable) can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on the weather, complexity of the project and the building permit. We are the manufacturer and control everything from design to fabrication to installation. Having everything and everyone in one manufacturing plant does save time and the only truck that your sunroom goes on is our installation truck.

Our vinyl sunrooms can and are used all year round by many customers. Most of our customers only heat the room when they plan to use it. The room heats up very quickly depending on the heat source and is surprisingly very comfortable throughout the year. By heating on demand, our customers minimize their energy bills and only pay for the energy when they need it. A sunroom does not need to be heated throughout the night or during the day when you may not be home.

Yes. Blinds can be added by mounting them to our support posts next to each window. If you are in the planning stages, please let us know that you may have a desire to add blinds in the future so that we can design your room accordingly. If you already have a sunroom, please contact us regarding blinds installation instructions.

Each city or township is different and has their own requirements. As your sunroom builder, we will handle the permit process for you. It is best to have a free in-home design consultation first, before beginning any permit process.

Joyce patio roofs are built using our exclusive Climatemaster structural insulated roof panel system. The panels are 3” - 6” thick with high density foam sandwiched by aluminum for a durable, strong product. Our roofs have been installed for decades and were designed to span large distances and stand up to the harshest wind, snow and ice.