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Replacement windows from the factory!  We make our energy efficient, vinyl replacement windows in our own state-of-the-art factory.  We offer a huge selection of styles, colors, glass packages and options.

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Double Hung Replacement Windows

One of the main aesthetic and functional factors in your home is your windows. Replacement windows not only add beauty and resale value but it’s an energy-efficient investment that lasts for years. 

If you have been debating replacing the windows in your home, you may want to take a moment to consider the benefits of replacement windows. Here are a few of the benefits of doing so, which can provide you with year round comfort.


Energy Saving Replacement Windows

Energy Savings Replacement Windows

Don’t Lose Money, Replace Your Windows

It cannot be underestimated how greatly new windows can improve your home’s energy-efficiency. This is due to the fact that as windows age, they tend to lose their sealing, which can allow cold air to enter your home this winter. Furthermore, modern windows are built with superior energy-efficiency in mind and can insulate your house much better than your old windows. This is primarily due to the fact that new windows often have dual, if not triple, paned glass, which helps to maintain a consistent temperature inside your home.


Improved Comfort

Picture Window Fall View

Picture Window Fall View

The superior energy-efficiency of your replacement windows will also translate to superior comfort for you and your family. For many homeowners with old windows, drafts are a common concern during the wintertime that can make the cold months unbearable even when you are inside. New windows will help to control this problem. 


Safety and Security

Replacement Window Lock

Replacement Window Lock

An additional benefit of new windows is that they can increase the safety and security of your home. This is due to the fact that as your windows break down, they can become increasingly difficult to open and close. This can become problematic during an emergency as you may have trouble escaping through your aging windows. Alternatively, replacement windows will function with ease ensuring the safety of your home.

In addition, modern windows are tested to prevent forced entry into your home, and often come with built-in locks. This allows these windows to help make your home a more secure, as well as a safer, place to live, which can help to improve your overall peace-of-mind.

Reduced Sound Transmission

Quiet Replacement Windows

Reading by Quiet Windows

An often-overlooked benefit of replacing the windows in your home is that they can help to greatly reduce the transmission of outside noises into your home. This means that you will no longer be bothered by noisy neighborhood kids, or your loud, rowdy neighbors.

Furthermore, the noise transmission goes both ways, which means that noises within your home are less likely to be heard outside of your house. This can help to greatly increase the privacy of your home, as well as having the added benefit of allowing you to watch movies, and listen to music, as loudly as you want without having to worry about bothering your neighbors.

Replacement Window Styles

Window and Door Styles

Wide Variety of Window Styles, Doors Too

Replacement windows come in a variety of styles to suit any home.  Whether you need the common double hung, or a specialty window like a bow or bay window, Joyce Factory Direct has them all.

Learn more about replacement window styles.


Different Types of Windows and Window Replacement Cost

One of the main aesthetic and functional factors in your home is your windows. Replacement windows not only add beauty and resale value but it’s an energy-efficient investment that lasts for years. If you are not sure what kind of windows to get, here is a little about the different types of windows and window replacement cost.

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Bay Window vs Bow Window: What’s the Difference?

Bay and bow windows are combination windows that protrude outward from the home.  Both windows can add character, natural light and open any room.  They also commonly give great external views from inside due to the large amounts of glass.  Since both windows extend beyond the exterior house wall, they require a small roof above

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Replacement Windows – Window Blinds between the Glass?

The time has come to purchase replacement windows and you are considering all the options and accessories available in the market today.  One option is window blinds between the two panes of glass.  This is available for both windows and for doors.  When considering this option, let’s take a look at the pros and cons

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Comparing Vinyl Vs. Wood Windows

How do vinyl windows compare with wood windows? What are the differences of vinyl vs wood for replacement windows?   Let’s start by saying that vinyl and wood are great construction materials that can be used to create very energy efficient windows. There are many different styles and designs of vinyl and wood windows. It’s difficult to

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