One of the most economical ways to expand your living space is by adding a screened-in porch to it. A screened-in porch doesn’t have to be ordinary, as there are several design options you can use to add a unique flair to any home.  The following are a few screened in porch ideas.

Rustic Screened-In Porch

A rustic screened-in porch would be ideal on a log cabin or cedar-sided home, but may be placed on a ranch, Cape Cod, or Colonial style home as well. The key to building an attractive rustic-style porch is to leave as much wood exposed as possible. Consider features such as:
  • Wood paneling that extends halfway up the walls
  • Open beams on the ceiling
  • Unfinished wood floors
  • Wooden blinds or shutters
  • Authentic wood trims around the ceiling
  • Brick or natural stone fireplace with an unfinished wooden mantel

Entertaining Area

If you plan to use your screen room for entertaining, you may want to add an outdoor kitchen and wet bar. This can be especially useful whenever your porch is also adjacent to a swimming pool or outdoor patio, because guests can easily transition from one area to the next. You are also more likely to use your outdoor kitchen on a regular basis when it’s on your screened-in porch, since you’ll be somewhat protected from the elements when cooking on it.

If you have an especially large porch, you may want to create different sections. For example, one could be used for preparing meals, and another might contain a seating arrangement that would make it easy for your guests to mingle in.

Game Room

A screened-in porch makes the perfect game room, because noise can be eliminated from the rest of your home. Hang your television along one wall, and add seating benches that double as storage space for you to place board games, toys, or electronic games in. Have a small table at the other end where you can play cards, work puzzles, or enjoy a snack. Add colorful area rugs and drapes to help liven the space up and make it feel festive.

Porch with Balcony

If you’ve always dreamed of having a balcony off one of your second-story rooms, why not incorporate one into the design of your screened-in porch? You could actually design your porch with a flat roof that you could then place railing around to create a balcony over top of it. The benefit to doing this is that you can basically have two structures for the price of one. You’ll also have a porch with slightly taller ceilings, which is something that will ultimately make the space seem bigger.

Reading Nook

There’s no better place to curl up with a good book than a screened-in porch. The strategic placement of indoor/outdoor lamps will ensure you are able to enjoy a book or newspaper, even when it is dark outside. Make sure you have comfortable furnishings, and that there are plenty of end tables throughout. You may even want to include a few shelves in one corner of your porch to hold your favorite books or magazines in. A simple countertop along one wall can double as a writing desk or computer table, and could even be used to serve beverages or snacks on. Ceiling fans are also a must for cooling off with on those hot, muggy summer days.

These are just a few ideas you can use to create a screened-in porch that is just right for you. The number of possibilities you can come up with is nearly endless, so you can feel free to expand on these ideas to design a unique floor plan that is all your own.   Joyce Factory Direct Current Promotion Website Button