Bath Remodeling

It is no secret that we are pulled in many directions and feel the stress of various responsibilities. Our homes are our safe havens, our refuges from the harsh working world.

If we look forward to closing the door to the world, why do we wait until we decide to sell to invest in upgrading our homes?  Seriously, why are you waiting to renovate your bathroom?  So the next owners can enjoy it?!

Maybe you have had the idea brewing in the back of your mind for some time now. Perhaps thoughts of trading that blue iron bathtub with the matching '60's blue commode for a water conserving, modern colored model are creeping into your midafternoon daydreams. Have you asked yourself why wait?

Time flies by us and we've been living in our homes for decades before we realize that we have not made reality the home improvements we planned years ago.

Don't wait until you decide to sell your home to transform your bathroom into a dream powder room. Begin with some small steps and before you know it, you will be standing near the walk in shower,, looking around in amazement.

Step one: Budget.

Decide the parameters of what you can comfortably afford on your makeover. A bathroom remodel can cost as much as you are willing to spend. The average cost is a little over $9,000 but you can customize your redo to meet your budgetary needs.

Step two: Color scheme

There are more color scheme options open to you than the number of crayons in the biggest box of Crayola crayons! Allow your personal preference to rule as you check out the possibilities. Drop by your local home improvement store and grab a color chart.  Browse through magazines for inspiration.

Step three: Layout

Imagine for a moment if you could completely gut the existing bathroom and change the layout. How would you rearrange the room? Is it possible to knock a wall out and expand the space by taking over a guest room or closet? Don't be afraid to dream and draw outside the box.

Step four: Consider the Extra's

You have been busy taking care of your family, too busy to know what the latest and greatest accessories and gadgets are available for your project. Remembering the budget you have decided upon, spend some time persuing the options as you walk through your favorite store or from the comfort of your home via the internet. Check out the soap caddies, grab bars, sleek and stylish fixtures and a wide range of simple to ornate tiles and towel bars. 

Step five: Call in the experts 

You do not need to stress over the details, big or small. Experts are a keystroke or speed dial away. Do you want a walk in tub or a tub to shower conversion? What are the options for shower seats? Will your new bathtub be mold resistant? What are the safety options?  

Fall is a great time of year to consider your home improvement project. The leaves are changing and the cold wind begins to blow. You no longer need to set time aside for lawn care so you have some time to invest as you make the decision to take the upgrade from thought process to reality.

bathroom renovation can be in your immediate future. Call Joyce Factory Direct for professional assistance in your remodel project. They will help you achieve the dream bathroom without breaking the bank.

We know the demands on your time will not change and, unfortunately, stress is a part of life. Isn't is great to know you can finally take on that remodel project and complete it without raising your blood pressure?

The end result with be well-worth the phone call. Once complete, you can walk into your safe haven and go straight from work to a long hot bath and watch the stress dissipate with the steam!