So what is so hard about putting a replacement window into a cut out rectangle of my home?  I watched the guy down the street from the window company do it and it looked fairly simple.  Empty hole gets filled with a new window, a little caulking and trim and all done!  Okay, now for reality to set in.  There is more to installing windows that to simply putting the window into the opening.


You’ve read all the DIY books twice, you’ve watched a few home improvement shows and even watched a few DVD’s just to make sure you understand just how to install your replacement windows.  The problem with this is that not every window is installed in the exact manner, not every opening is square, sometimes the opening needs to be reframed and who knows what unexpected surprise you may encounter along the way.  The advantage to having a professional installation is that they know how to deal with all the aforementioned scenarios.  There is nothing that can compare to time and experience of an installer that does his/her job day in and day out.


You want energy efficient windows.  You’ve done your homework and know exactly what you’re wanting from your new windows.  One of the biggest draw backs to installing your windows is that in most cases, the warranty of the window is based upon proper installation.  So, if you haven’t installed them to the exact specifications of the manufacturer you could be out of luck if you need to rely on the warranty.  Also, double check the warranty and see if the replacement windows need to be installed by a specific type of installer – more than likely a factory trained installer.

In this economy it is definitely more than a passing thought to save money by installing your own windows.  This is a risky move as poor and improper installation can not only cause damage to your home, it can negate any warranty on the windows that you’ve worked so hard to purchase.