A vinyl sunroom allows you to enjoy elements of your backyard that are otherwise obstructed by the walls of your home.  Here is the story of a family who wanted to be able to enjoy the views of their gardens they work so hard on year after year and create a room that seamlessly works with all the other amenities in their backyard.

Year Round Sunroom with Angled Corners in WhiteThe family expressed a desire to have a space that was open and enhanced their view and enjoyment of their beautiful backyard.  They wanted something different than the rest of their house, something that gave them a panoramic view of their secluded backyard setting. They wanted the additional outdoor space to be aesthetically pleasing and functional.


It was decided to have the additional space be constructed of an all glass sunroom.  It would be built off of the existing master bedroom on the rear of the home.  This allowed the room to be very functional for two of the their biggest desires, relaxing and entertaining.  They could easily enter the new sunroom from the bedroom during inclement weather and have a great spot to read, relax and enjoy the outdoors indoors.  For entertaining, the sunroom would perform great in conjunction with their existing deck, hot tub, gazebo and fire pit.


Prior to construction, the space outside of the bedroom was rather unusable.  It was merely “next to the deck” amid a large backyard area.  During inclement weather, the only place in the house where they could see the backyard was from the kitchen table.  But to actually see the backyard from the kitchen they had to look past the deck, rails, and gazebo to barely see grass not to mention their beautiful flowers wrapping around the backyard.  They really needed to have a comfortable, versatile space that made them feel they were closer to the flowers.


After the initial design visit, the client visited the sunroom showroom and selected all of the features and options that would fit their project and lifestyle.  They chose a vinyl sunroom because it would allow them to use the sunroom all year round and still enjoy a space that was all glass.  Vinyl not only matched their existing windows, but was also a solution that would be maintenance free for years to come.  More, they chose a tilt n slide sliding window that not only slides side to side, but also tilts in for easy cleaning.  This was an important feature since they were planning on landscaping around the sunroom perimeter making it potentially difficult to clean the outside of the glass.


Four Season SunroomTo match the home aesthetically, they selected to include some angled corners in the design (matching the deck & gazebo), chose a shingled roof option (to exactly match the home) and a sheetrock back wall finish (making it feel like it was part of the home all along).   To match the exterior appearance with the rest of the backyard, we chose a wood skirting to match their existing deck, gazebo and fence.  For the entry into the room, we removed the existing window and reframed the opening to accommodate their new vinyl door.   Finally, the customer chose interior and exterior lighting fixture to illuminate the steps and interior as desired.


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