Vinyl siding is not a hip topic. You do not hear it mentioned much at the bar and grill when you eat lunch. Yet when you drive home, you notice that more and more homeowners are giving stucco and synthetic stones the heave-ho in favor of this product. What do they know that you may have missed?

An 83 Percent Return on Investment (ROI)

The National Association of Realtors, via its HouseLogic online publication, explains that investing in home improvements with an eye on a future sale is always a good idea. Combining the durability of the product with its competitive cost has resulted in a makeover that presents you with “a solid 83% if you should decide to sell your home,” the experts explain. Compare this to fiber-cement siding, and the cost of the product goes up while the ROI drops. It is clear that vinyl siding is the right product for the job.


Excellent Curb Appeal

Over the course of the decades, the siding has undergone countless upgrades. Its availability in a broad range of colors is just one of its hallmarks. Manufacturers have also succeeded in using the medium to mimic the look of wood shingles, stone and other materials. When your heart is set on wood siding but the homeowners’ association simply does not allow it, this product is the answer.

Another advantage of the product is the opportunity to enhance the look of your windows and doors with the use of siding details. If you have recently invested in a window replacement, or are thinking of doing so shortly, why not bring out your home’s personality to its fullest with the right siding for the job? Since this home is most likely your largest and most carefully guarded investment, it makes sense to have it look the part.


Energy Efficiency Cuts Down on Heating and Cooling Costs (and noise)

CoRe Siding in particular is a product that can make a serious impact on your home’s overall energy consumption because of its insulating properties. The Vinyl Siding Institute dispels the myth that a home’s insulation is sufficient to regulate heat loss. In fact, the simple truth that insulation installation takes places between studs, leaving them untreated, suggests that a large portion of your home is not actually insulated at all. The experts estimate that the total number of wall studs makes up about a quarter of your home’s wall surface, which is essentially left bare.

Moreover, CoRe Siding succeeds in being 20 times as effective at insulating a structure as fiber cement products. By the way, remember that a product, which keeps out the heat or cold, also offers you sound protection. If you live near a noisy school or busy street, the constant sound of traffic and passersby can decrease your enjoyment of the home. With this siding product, you may be able to experience a noise reduction of up to 45 percent.


Choosing the Right Vinyl Siding Contractor

One of the most important questions that homeowners need to ask of their siding contractor is the time that the company has been in business. After all, a lifetime warranty is only as good as the company that offers it. Unscrupulous contractors may enter business by one name but then close down the business to start up again under a different moniker. When you do business with Joyce, you benefit from a company’s reputation that has been in the making since 1955. When we issue you a lifetime warranty, we mean it.

Contact us today to learn more about vinyl siding, its different looks and what it will do specifically for your home. We gladly help you visualize the appearance of your home with the newest products. If you would like to give it try on your own, simply visit our vinyl siding page to access the HomePlay option that lets you plug and play with model homes and even an image of your house!