Bay Window by Joyce

When considering an upgrade to your home, bay windows are an option for your home that can increase the feel of space, increase the natural lighting in your home and provide an attractive outside appearance. Increasing your home's lighting through better windows is one of the most essential ways to upgrade your home without large amounts of capital. 


bay window is a series of three or more windows put together in such a manner that they extend out from the house, creating an alcove in a room and an overhanging curved window presented outside the house. Bay windows can range in size from a small bedroom window to a full size window seat or alcove in a living room. 

Build a Place of Rest

Bay windows integrate nature with the room that they are in, creating a sense of a private garden even inside. For many people, this is the number one reason to use bay windows in their home: a sense of peace and rest like you get from walking in a forest filters into your inside living spaces. 

The reasons for building a bay window vary from wanting that integrated natural space to wanting a comfortable out of the way space to sit and read a book. Although bay windows are known for being a place to sit and watch waves crash on a beach, they are just as powerful mood setters in a home with a small fenced in backyard. 

Mood Setting for Life

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins for many immune and nervous system productions to provide for mental and immune health for your body. The human body creates Vitamin D through exposure to sunlight, and in the modern age of living almost entirely indoors, many people are living with a deficiency of exposure to natural light and facing many of the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency even when they live in climates with plenty of sunshine. 

S.A.D., seasonal affective disorder, is the result of individuals not getting enough sunlight and is normally a problem from living in very rainy climates or too far north or south to get a full days sun. Understanding the effects of too little natural light is an essential part of the motives for any bay window set up in your home. 

Because of the larger amount of glass and more angles of sunlight entry, a bay window gives people used to living indoors an easy and effective way to get access to natural lighting at home without changing your schedule or changing your work.

A bay window is therefore a way to set the mood in your home for life, to create a space that is not only attractive, but also much healthier than other window solutions that let less light into your home. 

Building a Better Home

Many people upgrade their home with a look to the future, to have something better tomorrow than what they live in today, and if this is your motive, bay windows can be a great part of your home whether it is a remodel or new construction. 

With the added bonus of being a beautiful part of the home from the outside, providing depth and character to an otherwise flat surface, bay windows are a logical part of your homes lighting solution and a great way to set the mood in your environment, and vinyl windows take away much of the costs associated with bay windows in the past while still delivering multiple frame options, high insulation value and a quality addition which will make your home last and hold value well into the future.