Even though you may either have or are considering a four season sunroom, there is always the question, how do you heat it? Actually, there are several options you may want to think about. To many people economy is a real consideration. Another thought is to combine aesthetics with the heating option. During the late Spring and early Fall the warmth from the sun will make your sunroom a favorite place to be, but when the winter months come it is important to look for an energy efficient heating option that suits you and your home.


Sunroom Heating Options


On Demand Heat 

On demand heating (paying each month as you go), can be achieved with electric space heaters, which come in all sizes. If you are not using the room all the time you can turn them off and only use them when needed. Most home improvement stores carry a wide selection where you are sure to find something to fit your needs. These space heaters have a number of advantages over other heating options, including the fact that they are portable and easy to use. If you have a four-season vinyl sunroom, it usually does not need too much to keep it warm in most weather.



Use Your Existing Ductwork

Depending on the design of your home and the design of your new sunroom addition, you may be able to extend your existing ductwork into the new room. If your home has a central heating and air conditioning system it may be possible to put heating and air conditioning duct vents into the new room, but it is important to check the costs before you get started. Many homeowners find that this option is quite expensive, so it is important to get an estimate before starting the sunroom addition.


Electric Baseboard Heat

Adding electric baseboard heating to a sunroom can be a good choice when it is not possible to extend the existing ductwork. Electric baseboard heat can provide excellent heat during the winter months, and modern baseboards can be very energy efficient.


Ventless Gas Fireplace

Depending on the décor and space availability, you may want to install a ventless gas fireplace.  These are quite attractive and do a good job in heating a sunroom.  In fact a fireplace, which can be a focal point, can make your sunroom a cozy place to relax.


HVAC Wall Unit 

One more option is a HVAC wall unit, a through the wall heating and air conditioning unit. This is a wall mounted unit that is only several inches deep and is will blend with any decor.  These units are normally thermostatically controlled and fairly efficient to operate.

Whichever option you choose, consider all the pros and cons and make a wise choice for your sunroom.