Sunrooms are a multi-functioning space and are a great way to expand the living space of your home.  They can serve as an extra space for your family and friends.  Here’s a sunroom story about the designing and building of a sunroom that needed to be multi-functional and tailored to the family’s needs.

Construction of Year Round SunroomLast spring, we met a wonderful family at their home in Grafton, Ohio.  This family’s lifestyle revolves around entertaining many friends and family throughout the year.  In the warmer months, their backyard was almost ideal for any party.  These parties rotated around their expansive backyard, whether it was with the in-ground pool, sand volleyball court, hot tub or large concrete stamped pool patio.  However, the main entrance to their prized backyard was an old, weathered deck.  This deck was an eyesore and obviously out of place against their beautiful amenities.

After multiple consultative meetings and designs, it became evident that a “transitional room”, completely protected from the elements all year round while still providing a panoramic view of their backyard with the openness that they enjoyed with their old deck, would be the perfect solution.  A year round sunroom could be the perfect solution and meet their dreams by using a special wall system with specific vinyl sunroom operating windows, transoms, trapezoids and structural framing posts.  They also wanted a multi-functioning sunroom that would complement the overall décor and aesthetics of the house, but still be unique.  A large, open cathedral roof design that tied into their existing roof lines would give the room extraordinary appeal and fit perfectly.