Summer has arrived!  Why not update your sunroom to reflect it with these easy sunroom summer decorating ideas?  Making some minor changes in your room's decor will reflect this change in season.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to make these changes, just your imagination, a glass of lemonade and the spirit of summer.  Through the addition of color, lighting, plants and accessories you can transform your sunroom for all your summer time gatherings.



The addition of summer coloring, either bright festive colors or soft cool pastels, can be added through a few different ways.   Try changing the pillows throughout the room, choosing fun patterns, nautical/beach themed or brightly colored solid pillows.  As well, consider adding some floor pillows to lounge around on a summer night.  In addition to pillows, changing or adding a new area carpet will provide a lot of impact and instant change.  


Changing or adding lighting can create a festive and fun mood.  String up strands of white lights for a twinkle or string up strands of patio lights which come in a wide variety of themes from lanterns to fun flamingos.  Another thought would be to hang paper lanterns for a soft whimsical effect, choosing different sizes and colors for creative interest.  Candles can be lit throughout the room for a soft, calming and romantic ambience.  


Plants can add color and texture to your room.  With the advantage of all the sunlight in your sunroom, adding plants in the summer time is easy.  Consider adding blooming flowers in colors that coordinate with your newly changed pillows.  Next, think in terms of texture, adding greenery in a variety of leaf shapes and colors.  For instance, the addition of a palm tree, instantly adds a tropical feel even in the northern climates.  Also, consider the pots the plants are in; this is a great opportunity to add some more summer coloring of your choice.




Accessories can help set the mood and/or theme when it comes to sunroom summer decorating.  For instance, if you are choosing a summer nautical theme add some lighthouses, seashells and some boat accessories throughout your room.  Decided to go with a whimsical summer theme, add some flamingos, brightly colored candles and flower pinwheels around the room.  Perhaps you’ve decided on a patriotic theme, adding American flags, red white and blue stars and patriotic pictures placed around the room will certainly let your guests know exactly what your theme is.  No matter how you choose to sprinkle summer throughout your room, there are accessories to enhance any choice. Summer is a time to gather with friends and family, have some fun and relax, so your sunroom should reflect all of this.  With a few small changes and/or additions, your sunroom will have the look and feel of summer.  Do you have a favorite summer theme?