A year round sunroom has definite benefits during the Northeast winter months.  With the days being shorter and darker, it is easy to get cabin fever and feel a little glum.  Imagine though, that you could spend time in a light filled room enjoying the outdoors indoors.  Having a sunroom in the winter is great for shaking off those winter blues, extending your plants growing season and relaxing bird watching.


During the winter months we tend to be indoors more, trying to stay warm and comfortable, which makes sense but does inhibit us from getting the benefits from natural light.  Studies have shown that exposure to natural light does help elevate moods and boosts energy levels.  A year round sunroom allows you to get more exposure to natural light all while being nestled in comfort.  Since the walls of a sunroom are primarily made of glass, natural light can flood in.



Interior of Year Round Sunroom by Joyce Factory DirectLooking to extend your growing season and feed your urge to garden during the winter months?  A year round sunroom is a great place to do so!  The sunny exposure is great for extending the life of your potted summer plants.  Since a year round sunroom has a heat source, plants can thrive in a temperature regulated room.  Experimenting is the key to successful gardening in your sunroom, but what gardener doesn’t like to experiment.  Richard Poffenbaugh offers some great advice for winter gardening in your sunroom.  Learn more.


Winter is actually a really great time to do bird watching.  Since there are fewer birds around and they are much more active at the bird feeder, it is easier to identify them and watch them.  It doesn’t take much to get the feathered friends visiting your backyard.  During the winter months they enjoy seed and high calorie suet to help them sustain through the winter months.  Visit our gallery of ideas!



Winter months in Northeast Ohio can be long and cold but a year round sunroom can make a difference in your winter experience.  Imagine sitting with a hot cup of coffee, basking in the sunny exposure, surrounded by beautiful plants all while watching a pretty red cardinal feast on the suet outside your sunroom window.  Sounds like a pretty good winter day to me.   Have any good winter day sunroom memories to share?  We’d love to hear them!   Check out our savings with a free estimate.